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Hot Flash Gun Refinishing Service

Tool or Art?

Some people consider a firearm to be a tool. I agree it is a tool but it is also a work of art. Hundreds of hours went into the design and creation of it so that it would function flawlessly year after year. Unfortunately age, abrasion, the elements and neglect can mar the appearance of what it originally looked like when it came out of the box.

We here at Hot Flash Refinishing try to reproduce the original finish that came on the firearm when it was new. This means the edges and corners remain sharp, the screw holes flat and true all topped off by a deep and uniform black color if blued. Quality is not just a word to us, it is our reputation.

Our Services

Our primary business is with gunsmiths and dealers of firearms in the United States. We do accept orders from individuals all over the U.S. who do not have a dealer or gunsmith located close to them. A few gunsmiths like to do their own refinishing but it is not economical for them to do only one or two guns at a time. Others don't want to bother with the mess and hassle of refinishing, still others are in a location that is not suitable for a refinishing setup. Most gun stores do no refinishing but need to provide this service for their customers.

We have been providing our service for over 20 years to customers like this. Each and every year our business has grown and our customers refinishing sales have increased because of the quality of work and fast turn around time we provide. I invite you to try our service if you have not already.

Need to know more?

If you have further questions please E-mail us Or you may call at us at 530-472-3499. From time to time you will get our answering machine as we are usually busy working on guns and need to give our complete attention to the work at hand. If it was your gun you wouldn't want any less. I guarantee we return your call as soon as possible.

Federal Firearm License holders please send us your FFL to receive our wholesale prices list.