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GRADE #1 Matte

Matte is achieved by glass beading and applying a black oxide coating, (bluing) and is used on most guns for hunting and law enforcement as it gives the firearm a non-reflective finish that is most desirable in the field. The majority of our custom gunsmiths use this finish on their custom rifles used for hunting.

GRADE #2 Field

Field is the finish that comes with most all factory bolt action rifles and self loading pistols. It is our most popular finish.

GRADE # 3 Deluxe

Deluxe is the deep black finish you find on the more expensive factory bolt action rifles, custom rifles, lever action rifles, revolvers and engraved guns.

GRADE #4 Master

Master is for the most demanding customer who wants a show quality finish, a true mirror finish. We can only accept guns which are in very good condition for this high quality finish.

GRADE #5 G Parkerized

Parkerized is for older military rifles. This finish will resist rust better than bluing. Please note that the gray color produced by the finish may vary with different metals, i.e., the receiver and barrel, slide and frame. Please see below for more on parkerizing colors.

GRADE #5 B Parkerized

This is the same as above except it is completely black for those discriminating customers.